Isabelle Noor private collection showcases very personal pieces of work, and each section displays her personality and thoughts. 
The Poem
Size : 120 x 100 cm
Medium : Mixed media sea shells collage ,Isabelle Noor foot sculpture in plaster of Paris, with mosaic tassels, rope guilded with gold leaf, Art Resin epoxy resin, and glossy varnish.
Peace and Love
Size : 100 x 100 cm
Medium : cotton balls painted in high decoration acrylic paint, Venitian mask, embossing with 3 D effects in gold leaf gilding.
Desiree Love between Husband & Wife
Size : 157 x 135 cm
Medium : Textured effects mix, with sand spray paints,Fine art oil paint , and polyutherane beads collage for hands.
Size : 120 x 100 cm
Medium : Fine art acrylic paint and silver gilding leafes.
The Road To Paradise
Size : 100 x 120 cm
Medium : white crystal zircons, Fine Art Oil paint, Matte Varnish.

My inspiration behind this painting is the Surah Nur of the Holy Quran.

As I read a Verse, a color appeared in my mind, and I reported
this color, one by one, in sequence in all the painting.
Read My Name (99 Names of Allah)
Size : 150 x 120 cm
Medium : Fine art acrylic paint and with bamboo and leather cuttings painted and decorated with sea shells and colorful zircons, Matte
Artist Isabelle Noor
Isabelle Noor posing with her Collection Color My World, an Ode to the Earth, what is still within our reach and what could be lost.
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