Art is my way to connect with People from heart to heart. Isabelle Noor

I am a painter, and I make paintings that are inspired by the themes and images of humanism, depicting the beauty of life, and feelings of love, friendship and compassion between Nations, with beautiful and vivid colors.

My Work is about expressing the heroic in the simple, the exquisite in the ordinary.

Each day, when I wake up in the morning, I feel humble and amazed thinking about God's marvelous Creations, its plants, animals and People.

My paintings, convey what words cannot write, in a language hidden, beyond the shores of your Imagination.

It seeks to challenge yourself, with the Truth.

Art is a form of expression, that spiritually elevates me.

Painting , brings out the best of myself, through emotional brush strokes, as I feel a strong connection with God, every time I start a painting.

At the beginning of a painting, first there is chaos, hesitation, and a need to break free and feel loose, by placing lines and brush strokes here and there, then after sometime, suddenly all falls into place, and I feel it is just right, as it should be.

In my new collection, Color My World, I focus on raising awareness about climate change, with a presentation of paintings that are Ode/Praise to the our Planet Earth, warning what is still within our reach and what could be lost!

I like to describe my paintings, as simple, with grandiose ornamentation, where no detail is overlooked, and with a palet of colors, that can be easily identified by their vividness.

I like to call them my Happy colors!

All the tones of blues, are a substitute for black, as I don't like the color black.

I like to think that my work, in a broad sense, inspires to uplift the human spirit .


My world of Dreams, I present it to you, what it will become, is a story, I invite you , to discover my message on canvas.